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$2.15 / gpu / hour - 248 H100s available from 03/24/2024 to 03/30/2025 (Germany)

Interconnect: Infiniband 3.2 Tb
Cores per node: 224
RAM per node: 80 GB
NVME storage per node: 3000 GB
Location: Germany
Cloud provider:
Cluster interface: VM
Minimium bookable GPUs: 8
Minimium bookable duration: 4 weeks
Additional details
The NVIDIA H100 HGX is deployed in line with the latest NVIDIA reference architecture. We are the first and still largely the only provider to deploy advanced networking features. Allowing for customizable network filtering, IPv6 and a custom built infrastructure orchestration system to provide NUMA-optimized instances. Our cloud tier features include snapshotting instances, APIs to manage resources and flexible, de-centralized storage solutions.
We also have deployed a 248x NVIDIA H100 HGX multi-node cluster with 3.2Tbps IB
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