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$1.00 / gpu / hour - 1000 MI300Xs available from 04/01/2024 to 04/01/2025 (USA)

Interconnect: RoCE
Cores per node: 192
RAM per node: 2304 GB
NVME storage per node: 0
Location: USA
Cloud provider: TensorWave
Cluster interface: Baremetal
Minimium bookable GPUs: 8
Minimium bookable duration: 52 weeks
Additional details
SPECIAL OFFER: Intro pricing for a limited time at ONLY $1/hr for the first 3 months when you sign up for a 12 month contract.
Reach out to test drive the AMD MI300X today.
8 to 1000 MI300X available now
5229.8 FP8 FLOPS w/Sparcity
192 GB Memory Capacity
~5.3 TB/s Memory Bandwidth
Private, dedicated, isolated, secure - No noisy neighbors!
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