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$2.00 / gpu / hour - 40 A100 - 80GBs available from 03/06/2024 to 03/05/2025 (USA)

Interconnect: Ethernet
Cores per node: 96
RAM per node: 944 GB
NVME storage per node: 5000 GB
Location: USA
Cloud provider: Hyperbolic Labs
Cluster interface: VM
Minimium bookable GPUs: 8
Minimium bookable duration: 1 week
Additional details
At Hyperbolic Labs, we are building the Open-Access AI Cloud, a groundbreaking venture committed to the democratization of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has proven to be incredibly valuable across a diverse range of domains, revolutionizing the way we approach problems and innovate solutions. This raises a critical question: Should artificial intelligence be a universally accessible resource or remain under the control of a limited number of entities?
Our initiative is driven by the belief that AI should be an openly shared asset. However, simply open-sourcing AI models is insufficient. The dominance of large data centers in controlling GPU resources presents a significant obstacle, creating a barrier to AI accessibility. In order to let all people have open access to AI, we not only need open-source models but also open access to computing resources.
We enable a truly open-access platform for AI development by aggregating idle computing resources. This approach allows individuals and organizations to use collective computing capacity for AI model training and inference, fostering an environment for open-source AI research.
Equipped with an extensive array of cutting-edge GPUs, including Nvidia’s H100, A100, A40, L40S, RTX 3090, RTX 4090, and AMD’s MI series, we offer competitive GPU rental options, along with inference hosting services. Our partnerships with leading data centers ensure the most cost-effective solutions for their clients. Supported by prominent investors like Lightspeed, Polychain, and Samsung Next, we are keen on fostering partnerships with entities to further open-source AI research.
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