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$2.90 / gpu / hour - 128 H100s available from 02/23/2024 to 01/01/2026 (India)

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Interconnect: Infiniband 3.2 Tb
Cores per node: 112
RAM per node: 2000 GB
NVME storage per node: 8000 GB
Location: India
Cloud provider: Hydra Host
Cluster interface: Bare Metal
Minimium bookable GPUs: 64
Minimium bookable duration: 4 weeks
Additional details
A 128 HGX H100 80GB cluster in 8X systems is available to rent immediately. This cluster can be split into two interlinked 64s. The NVIDIA server includes two Intel 8480 CPUs and extra NVMe storage.
The Infiniband networking utilizes NVIDIA NDRs with 8X400 Gbps links for a total throughput of 3.2 Tbps. No additional egress and ingress fees
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